The Pub Is The Reason 54% of Tourists Visit Ireland

The Pub Is The Reason 54% of Tourists Visit Ireland

A new survey of 500 tourists showed 54% of them visited the country primarily for the Irish Pub.

The survey was carried out by iReach on behalf of the 'Support your Local' campaign, which aims to cut excise tax on alcoholic drinks, found that culture and heritage are still the most popular reason people come to Ireland.

Noreen O’Sullivan, a publican in Tipperary and President of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland, said that a high excise duty on alcohol was damaging the industry.

‘As it stands, excise is around 31% on beer, 68% on whiskey, and 64% on wine. These taxes are damaging our competitiveness and costing jobs,’ she said.

"The survey reinforces the centrality of the Irish pub to Ireland’s tourism product."

Bart Storan, who runs the ‘Support Your Local’ campaign, said pubs played a key role in the Irish tourism industry.

"Our pubs and hospitality are renowned globally as part of the Irish character and experience," he said.

"In every city, town and village, pubs are part of the unique fabric of the community, supporting jobs, catalysing spending, and sharing our story around the world."

Most peoples experience of an Irish pub is of course the one in their native town or city. As a result the Irish Pub abroad serves an important marketing service to the whole of the country.