Privacy and Cookie Policy

Here at Ireland Calling we have a very simple attitude to your privacy. We completely respect it.

We are not interested in collecting information about your private life or your travels around the web. As a result we do not ask for any information from you.

Having said that we do use some services to run the website and they place cookies on our site. This may have collect information about you and/or your visits to other websites. We have no control over these companies and, while we believe we have selected ethical companies, it is possible they use your information in ways we do not understand.

To help you decide if you wish to use out site we have the following information...

Cookie Policy

Our Cookies

We do not place any cookies of our own on your computer.

Third Party Cookies

We do use a range of services that help us to provide services. These may place their own cookies. The services we utilise can be divided into three groups

Technical Services

Technical services help us to provide the website itself and to allow us to better understand how it is working. There are 2 services we use;

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows us to collect information on how people find and use the website. This allows us to better cope for traffic spikes, optimise our performance etc.

Google has a comprehensive page explaining how they use cookies

  • AddThis

AddThis is a service that enables us to actively post relevant messages to the site very easily, to help you share the pages, and tells us how popular the different articles are.
You can find out how AddThis use their cookies at their privacy policy

Advertising Services

We display adverts from central advertising services. From time to time these include Google, Amazon, Ad Blade and others. These may use information they have about you along with the pages you view on this site to show ads they think will be of most interest to you.

  • Google Adwords Google provides ads for us and tailors them to your interest using cookies on this and other sites.
    Google has a comprehensive page explaining how they use cookies

  • Amazon We show products from Amazon that we think might be of interest. You can find more about Amazons use of cookies at their Privacy Policy

Social Services

We also have a presence on Facebook and Pinterest. We show information from our pages on those site in widgets on our own site. They may track your presence on the site.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personally identifiable information about you. The information we do collect is purely to allow us to better plan and manage the site.

As noted in our cookie policy the advertising services may use information they collect on our site along with that from other sites to show you ads they feel are of interest to you. You can find the details at the links above.

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